Truth in Advertising

This spring at Green Touch, we ran radio advertising for the first time in our history.  We’ve done flyers and door knockers and things like that in the past; the sort of stuff that we would drop in your mailbox to introduce ourselves.  Planning a radio campaign is different, though.  We had 30 seconds to tell our story.  Thirty seconds seems like a long time if you’re on the stair-climber or stuck with a bad, blind date.  But when you’re trying to tell the world all about yourself… it’s not a long time at all.  We couldn’t list all of our services in 30 seconds, let alone share anything about our philosophy and standards.  So, instead of trying to cram in EVERYTHING, we chose to focus on just ONE THING.  The one thing that we feel is most important, and makes us stand out in our industry.  Professionalism.

False modesty aside – we’re going to come right out and say it – we take pride in how professional we are.  When you invite a Green Touch crew to work in your yard, you don’t have to be concerned about how they’ll behave.  Our crews don’t swear.  They don’t smoke.  They’re fully trained in the work they’re doing and have taken all the appropriate safety courses.  We’re proud of our guys’ work AND of their behavior.  And we can’t tell you how many clients have booked us because they were impressed after seeing one of our crews in action in a neighbour’s yard.

So we knew that “professionalism” was our advertising theme.  And we decided to create some funny little stories to illustrate that concept in a variety of ways.  And that’s when it got fun, because every one of those stories held at least a sliver of truth.

Case in point:  the commercial we decided to call “Potty Trained.”  It’s all about the fact that we bring our own portable facilities to every worksite.  We do it because we don’t want to be bothering our clients with wanting to use their bathrooms.  No one with a nice, clean house is excited to let some guy who’s covered in dirt do foul things to their fluffy hand towels and fancy guest soap.  That was our thinking.  But a couple of clients dropped comments that made us realize – that wasn’t the only issue.  Homeowners were actually more concerned about workers who DIDN’T ask to borrow the facilities, because they had to be going SOMEWHERE.  And from that little slice of life, came this ad:

We want to give a shout out to Meghan Walls-MacBurnie, who is the amazing voice talent featured in this one.  Megh’s originally from Ontario, but has been gracing the Alberta airwaves for the last ten years.  Thanks a bunch, girl!  You told our story and made us laugh!

See?  There is truth in advertising!