There is Never a Bad Time to Plant

Sometimes Spring doesn’t show up right on schedule.  Sometimes the leaves are a little late popping out, or the earth isn’t quite warm enough when you’re dying to get out there with your seed packs and bedding plants.  But there’s one seasonal certainty; a thing we can count on every single year:

The May Long Weekend arrives.  And everyone PANICS, thinking that they have a limited window of time in which to plant those trees and shrubs and beautiful perennials they want.  But here’s the truth that will set your green thumbs free:


This is absolutely true.  We have many months of good planting weather ahead of us, so your window of opportunity won’t slam shut when the calendar page flips over to “June.”  The first shipments of plants and shrubs that come into the city get snapped up quickly, by folks who don’t know this.  But more shipments will arrive, in waves, so you can take your time and choose to NOT fight the crazed crowds of May gardeners.

We believe in planting at any time – and we back that up!... with a full, one-year guarantee on everything we plant for you.  So relax, and give us a call!  We’ll find a time that works for both of us, and make plans to create your beautiful yard!