We're on K-97 Classic Rock!

The landscaping season is underway - and we're kicking it into high gear with a major radio campaign this weekend on K-97 Classic Rock!  Keep it tuned to 97.3 on the FM dial all weekend long - where you'll hear a Green Touch Landscaping ad Every.  Single.  Hour.  That's right!  We figured "go big or go home!"  (And we never go home...)  We have six, count 'em, SIX different ads running through the weekend.  Each one will tell you a little bit about us AND make you laugh!  

This weekend's big advertising party is to remind you that now is a great time to book us for your summer landscaping project.  Then, the next time you hear one of our blow-away campaigns on K-97, you'll be relaxing on your beautiful deck, listening to the soothing sounds of your stone water feature, enjoying your lush, private back yard... And when our ad comes on, you can be like "Hey!  I know those guys!"

Have a great weekend!